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KineOasis is an exploratory and creative merger of husband and wife team Catrina Choate-Heretoiu and Bogdan Heretoiu - movement educators dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement.

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu is a somatic practitioner and dance educator who works with recovery and learning through movement. She is the co-founder of Soma Studies which includes online/live somatic classes and is the creator of Soma Stories and Ballet Journeys.




While young, she trained at the prestigious School of American Ballet and then continued to dance professionally with Miami City Ballet, Carolina Ballet, and Miami Contemporary Dance Company. Catrina thrived in her performance career but she also understood movement from a healing perspective and chose to nurture an academic and somatic path. 

"The students at NCDC were lucky to have the opportunity to train with Ms Catrina in ballet. Her knowledge, kindness and process allowed them to progress technically in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Through her work, the students gained a deeper understanding on how to increase their alignment, flexibility and overall strength safely."


Founder / Executive  Director of Northern California Dance Conservatory

Catrina has a B.A. Degree in English Literature from Florida International University, an MFA Degree in Dance from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and is certified in The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. She has taught all levels of ballet and Feldenkrais at many conservatories throughout the U.S. and Europe such as the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Dance Department, Northern California Dance Conservatory, and Sacramento Ballet.  

Throughout Catrina’s life, movement has been the trusted language of communication and she understands that a somatic conversation through movement can reveal unexpected experiences that can promote learning, growth, relief, and ultimately connection.

Bo is a Filmmaker and a Martial Arts Educator. He has accumulated 40+ years of practice and 20+ years of instructing Martial Arts at different levels and ages.

He started Okinawan Goju-Ryu at the age of 13, became one of the Founders of the first Romanian Martial Arts Federation, and later an Aikido Instructor with the Romanian Aikido Federation under Dan Ionescu Shihan.

He founded The Grasshoppers Club and runs his Martial Arts program as a hybrid between in-person classes and an online community.

Bogdan (Bo)



Over the years, Bo has expanded his movement vocabulary to incorporate everything useful and practical for achieving and maintaining a healthy mind inside a healthy body.

After years of practice and exploration, Bo shifted focus from the ritualistic and often unilateral nature of traditional martial arts training to researching and incorporating teaching methodologies across various Martial Arts styles, with the goal to support a Developmental, Enhancement, Performance, and Recovery Movement-based Program for all ages.

While still practical from a "martial" perspective, Bo's classes are adapted to a modern society that demands mental and emotional resilience, critical thinking, and teamwork. Mutual Respect is at the core of this practice.

Bo's open invitation to everyone is to Re-THINK Martial Arts, and his favorite quote is "A teacher is a student who teaches in order to continue his study" (Mochizuki Minoru Sensei)

Please join us anytime to explore how Movement can be used to improve quality of life, assist in personal transformation, and offer a portal into a personal space of joyful empowerment.

Catrina & Bo


A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body : The TLC of Being Human

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