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Something MAGICAL is happening.

If you love Movement, you will love KineOasis.

KineOasis is an exploratory and creative merger of husband and wife team Catrina Choate-Heretoiu and Bogdan Heretoiu - movement educators dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement.

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Soma Studies

At Soma Studies, we work with skeletal alignment to allow for a balanced use of muscle effort to take place.

However, we also investigate the articulation and interaction of thinking, feeling, sensing, and moving.

We observe the intricacies between motivation, intention, and action while we listen to our own reactions and natural responses to the world around us.

If we understand what we do and how we do it, then and only then, can we achieve the desired outcome.

With curiosity and exploration, the details of movement and body will unfold into a beautiful flow of Physical Fluency.

The Grasshoppers Club

The Grasshoppers Method is the result of Bogdan's personal journey through life and through Martial Arts studies including encounters with countless fellow practitioners, students, and instructors over 40+ years of "hitting the mats".

The Grasshopper Method emerged as a combination of all the knowledge passed onto me or as a result of my passionate exploration of movement principles applied within the context of my real day to day life. It is - as the saying goes - my way of life and living.

Please join us on a journey of curiosity and exploration of Martial Arts. We offer a Family-friendly exploratory Martial Arts Program for all ages and all skills and a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY away from marketing, ads, and all that digital pollution.

As we organize our upcoming Programs and Classes, your Feedback is very important to us. Please take about 3-5 minutes to complete our secure survey to help us out AND to keep updated on our progress. Please click the orange smiley face in the lower right corner to start ➘

Please join us for an afternoon of movement inquiry and exploration. The workshop is donation-based and all proceeds will benefit MCS.

WHERE: Madison Circus Studio (MCS). 2082 Winnebago St, Madison, WI 53704

WHEN: Tuesday, OCT 18th from 5PM to 6:20PM

Upcoming Events:

Movement As Sanctuary (In-Person):

Catrina & Bo will welcome everyone to an EXPLORATORY MOVEMENT workshop offered on Tuesday, October 18th from 5PM to 6:20PM.

  • For this workshop Catrina will discuss and take questions about somatic applications of the Feldenkrais Method in Arts, Sports, and Health. Catrina will offer an introductory Awareness Through Movement lesson on increasing mobility and stability with a lesson that will help to unwind your spine.  
  • Bogdan will discuss and explore hands-on ways to incorporate movement as a tool for change. After 40+ years of practice and teaching, he designed the Grasshoppers methodology to fit a modern, contemporary reality, to support and enhance the development of his own children, and to fully complement all Students’ daily lives - including other sports they might be passionate and involved with. 

At-a-Glance: About Us

"Eppur Si Muove"

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Ballet Educator and Feldenkrais® Practitioner.

Neli & Johnny

Travelers, Explorers, Homeschoolers, Gymnasts, Artists, and MUCH MORE...

Bogdan Heretoiu

Martial Arts Educator and Filmmaker.

We welcome you to a mindset of holding and moving through your own sacred, safe space.

A space of connection, relief, exploration, and respite from the daily noise.

A Safe Space to be YOU.

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