Why Us and other Frequently Asked Questions

Change is difficult. As Parents and Educators we understand schedules, routine, and the need for trusting AND entrusting our kids' education and time with another person. Because of that, we would LOVE to invite you to observe any of our classes and meet us in person, at any time you wish (when classes take place). We would like to know that our students and their families are fully confident in our Teaching Methodology and Experience before enrolling.

We are available to answer your questions via email, phone, and/or video call if/whenever needed.

  • I. Why Us ⏬
  • II. Training with Catrina and Bo ⏬
  • I. Fees & Policies ⏬
I. Why Us ⏬
What makes us Different

Before being Movement Educators we are Parents and Artists. We place overwhelming emphasis on empowering our students to develop and express their own inner power and voice through the boundless qualities of Movement. Our classes are infused with nurturing support, kind challenges, and natural - functional - student-centered training as opposed to rigid cloning and often archaic teaching methodologies. We uphold high ethical, moral, and technical standards - and we do so in the spirit of mentorship and honest open communication.

A quick overview of KineOasis

KineOasis is a family owned new business established by husband and wife Catrina and Bogdan Heretoiu in 2023 after decades of training and teaching as independent artists. It's Founders, Catrina and Bo are proud parents and artists. As Movement Educators they bring over 50 years of combined experience in working with students of all ages and skill level in a variety of environments.

Our commitment to Being Present

We go above and beyond to make ourselves available to our Students and their Families whenever needed. Our role as Educators is to ensure that we provide our Students with an unforgettable and positive learning experience on their journey to becoming confident and empowered human beings. We can always be reached either by phone, email, online calls, or in-person.

Our Pledge

We offer unwavering professionalism, 100% commitment to support and nurture our Students' learning experience, and an enjoyable class environment where Students can train without judgement. We support and encourage constructive criticism, collective feedback and support, and self-assessment skills and strategies towards the achievement of each Student's goals.

II. Training with Catrina and Bo ⏬
Ballet & Feldenkrais with Catrina

I work with organization of the body and mind through learning and exploration in both Ballet and Feldenkrais. I like to investigate the articulation and interaction of thinking, feeling, sensing, and moving.

I find it fascinating to observe the intricacies between motivation, intention, and action while listening to reactions and natural responses to the world around us. If we understand what we do and how we do it, then and only then, can we achieve the desired outcome - whether in life or in the ballet classroom.

With curiosity and exploration, the details of movement and body will unfold into a beautiful flow of physical fluency

My Ballet Classes

My classes are clear, friendly, and organized.

My approach is grounded in a classical foundation with the Cecchetti Method and Balanchine Technique for the advanced dancers with an intelligent somatic influence for all ages.

I believe the practical and poetical merge in every one of my ballet classes. Technique is a logical progression of learning that is enhanced with inquisitive investigations and a detailed physical analysis.

Although technique is fun to improve upon there is also the poetical side of dancing that is a joy to nurture as it merges feeling, passion, music, and everyone’s personal magic.  

Personal Philosophy

Allow yourself to get lost because in the moment of the unknown comes presence, learning, and exploration. It’s a gift to experience something new and find how you can push the boundaries of your familiar in various ways.

Favorite Quote and Book

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

(Maya Angelou)

“Beyond talent lie all the unusual words: discipline, love, luck, but most of all, endurance. That durational willingness to work at our gifts, to steward them with disciplined devotion, is our fundamental responsibility to them - our fundamental responsibility to ourselves.”  

(Maya Angelou)

“Education and the Significance of Life” by J. Krishnamurti

“The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak

Exploratory Martial Arts with Bo

I believe that Martial Arts training must evolve with the times and rules of a contemporary society. We must make sense in our training, and move beyond the soldier-like approach intended for obedience. At The Grasshoppers Club practice is exploratory, inquisitive, focused on adaptability, context, and common sense practicality.

RE-Think Martial Arts.

My Martial Arts Classes

My classes turn traditionalism upside down. We dive into advanced concepts and fluidly complex movement patterns as a basic starting point. Practice leads participants towards a gradual increase in difficulty, accelerated progression of skill, and an expanding ability to navigate our physical, mental, and emotional state as we face and negotiate conflicts.

For skill to grow, change is required.

Personal Philosophy

Modern society demands emotional resilience and mental endurance from a very young age and throughout our lives. A martial arts practice - and any other practice in fact - that offers ever changing complex situations in a safe, fun learning environment becomes a pillar in a person's personal growth - regardless of age, social status, or cultural limitations.

Practice is the ultimate training of the mind.

Favorite Quote and Book

"Use only that which works and take it from any place you can find it." (Bruce Lee)

"The Little Prince"

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I. Fees & Policies ⏬

Our programs offer access to students via Single Passes or Memberships. Single Passes must be purchased every time a Student wishes to participate in a class. Memberships are automatically billed on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the program. Memberships can be cancelled anytime.

Partial or Full Scholarships are available when needed. We encourage families to contact us and privately discuss how we can help.

Privacy Policy:

KineOasis does not store your financial data. All of our transactions are handled by Stripe. We do not sell or distribute in any way your contact information. Our students can always opt-out from receiving our updates and/or newsletter. We do not spam or send any advertisement that is unrelated to our programs.

Class Participation Policy:

YOUTH: We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying. We maintain constant contact with families for updates on how each student is developing and we are always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. Safety is our PRIMARY concern and we reserve the right to pause a student's participation when we deem necessary for everyone's safety. We ask Parents to not coach their kids during a class.

ADULTS: Always train safely and please speak up when you have any concerns or feel unsafe during training.

Health & Wellness Policy:

We encourage our students to observe a healthy lifestyle - from diet to rest. Our training can be physically and mentally intense and nutrition plays an essential role in health. Please bring and drink water :)

We use STUDIOGROWTH for our Class Reservations and Billing, backed by Stripe and 100% secure. We DO NOT store credit card data.

We focus on fine-tuning individual skills through nurturing each student's journey of learning and personal growth.


(608)-338-1638‬ - General Inquiries

530 913 9523 - Bo

530 913 9830 - Catrina


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