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A Parenting Workshop



Part ONE:

$85 per participant

$125 for two adults (same family)

Part TWO:


* Part 2 is FREE to all Part 1 participants

Listening Hearts, Whispering Hands

Reclaim Life’s Playfulness by celebrating connection, curiosity, and learning through movement. The ability to play is a learned ability and a mindful practice is transformative - becoming the ultimate training of the mind.

Hidden behind every Martial Arts technique there is a wonderful portal to be discovered. A portal of learning, connection, and growth. This workshop is for Parents, Grandparents, and any Adult whose life involves caring for their young ones. Explore how Martial Arts principles apply to PARENTING through nurturing emotional, mental and physical balance, and how - with zero experience - you can greatly enhance your child’s development and empowerment.

Bogdan Heretoiu brings his lifelong somatic study of Martial Arts to create a subtle and powerful fusion between Movement and Parenting.

Listening Hearts, Whispering Hands is a 2-parts Workshop. Part ONE is for Adults Only while Part Two is for Adults and their kids.

This Workshop includes hands-on practice.

Celebrating connection, curiosity, and learning through playful movement.


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2082 Winnebago St, Madison, WI

Past Workshops:

Enhance Stability Through Mobility



Soma Studies

(in-person clinic series)

Bring your daily aches and pains:

Recover and Recharge




Quarry Arts Building

715 Hill St

Madison, WI


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Each hourly clinic will provide different Neuromuscular Exercises from the Feldenkrais Method that help to reduce chronic pain by improving movement capabilities and exploring unhelpful habits. Each lesson helps to enhance stability and mobility, strengthen balance, and reduce overall physical anxiety. 

Soma Studies is a class that provides an approach to reduce repetitive strain and stress with lessons in Awareness Through Movement from the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. If you need a deep reset, this is the class for you. If you like to explore movement for the sake of learning, this is the class for you. If you’re tired of moving with limitations and hesitation, this is the process for you! 

Choosing to move out of pain is serious work but it doesn’t have to be difficult, rather, learning through movement can be accomplished with lightness, small movements, and with enjoyment. 

Soma Studies helps to create better movement choices that will directly promote better life experiences. 


Catrina Choate-Heretoiu has been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner for 16 years but has been active with the method for 27 years. She’s used the work countless times to recover from chronic pain, post surgery, and work with numerous injuries accumulated from a professional ballet career.

She graduated from the Sonoma II Feldenkrais Training under the direction of Russell Delman and has had the pleasure of teaching Feldenkrais across the U.S., throughout Ireland and Romania, and on faculty at The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

To this day, Catrina still uses the method to recover from daily stressors and enjoys sharing the brilliant work to whomever is ready to explore and learn more about how they can shift their life with movement!   


Common Sense Defense


Expect Critical Thinking


Uncompromising Practicality

"Common Sense Defense" is a unique 2-hour workshop packed with valuable functional and practical information and skill building tools.

Suitable for ages 16 & UP, this workshop will provide an intense learning opportunity with potentially life-saving implications and certainly for stress-saving situations.

Bogdan Heretoiu brings his lifelong study of Martial Arts applicability in real life in a condensed structure to invite an accelerated learning process to people of all ages.

This workshop is for "regular" people, living a normal life in normal day to day circumstances. What participants will take from this workshop is not for Hollywood movies, but for safely navigating daily conflicts and unforeseen physical, mental and/or emotional challenges using Martial Arts concepts, principles, and training techniques.

This 2-Hour Workshop is structured by a number of main topics and it includes hands-on practice.

Personal Integrity:

From a state of mind to a mindful state.



From Catrina and Bo:

Our Teaching Philosophy

We offer 100% commitment to support and nurture our Students' learning experience, and to provide an enjoyable class environment where Students can train without judgement.

We encourage constructive criticism, collective feedback and support, and self-assessment skills along with strategies towards the achievement of each Student's goals.

To Our Students and their Families:

Our Promise

You can expect unwavering professionalism, high-end quality training, a personalized mentorship tailored to each student's abilities and individual learning pace, and a deeply nurturing teacher-student relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

Our classes are FUN, yet not recreational. We promise results, guaranteed skills development, and a profound grasp of the process of learning that can be applied beyond our class time and into daily life.

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About Us

We are a family who LOVES movement, being physically, mentally, and emotionally active through space. Our classes are a safe environment for playful explorations, subtle transformations, and enjoyable learning journeys.

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Our UNLIMITED Membership includes ALL classes and ALL Family Members (Kids, Parents, and Grandparents)

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