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Movement as Sanctuary

"We are dedicated to the empowerment and creative freedom of our students through the exploration and intelligent study of movement in a relaxed and non-toxic learning environment. We use Movement as a means to naturally empower ourselves and our students, to intervene with development as needed, and to enhance everyone's quality of life."

We offer PRIVATE & GROUP TRAINING in BALLET, MARTIAL ARTS STUDIES, and FELDENKRAIS. Our Classes & Programs are available for ALL ages - from Kids to Seniors - and we offer PARENTING Workshops on Movement Applications for Child Development, Personal Connection, and Personal Wellness.

"My 11-year-old daughter absolutely adores Martial Arts classes with Bo! His classes blend martial arts, movement exploration, mindfulness, playfulness, and intense physical workout. His instruction is playful and thoughtful, without rigidity or criticism. Our kiddo has fun, genuinely enjoys the physical challenges presented, and looks forward to classes weekly. It’s improving her body awareness, strength, and confidence. Bo is a delight, and I highly recommend his classes!"

Maggie F, 

Mom, Madison WI

Class: OpenMAT Youth

"Catrina's Ballet class is excellent. She is professional and warm-hearted all at the same time. She REALLY knows her stuff and is equally concerned with each and every student regardless of level, age, condition or body shape."

Anne A, 

Founder - Posturally, Madison WI

Class: Adult Ballet Joy

"We're just a few classes in with one of Bo's Grasshoppers class and are already so pleased and impressed with the effort he makes to understand and support each child's individual strengths and challenges. He really understands kids and runs this program with a calm generosity."

Erin O'Brien, 

Mom / Policy Programs Director Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Class: Grasshoppers Ninja

"The students at NCDC were lucky to have the opportunity to train with Ms Catrina in ballet. Her knowledge, kindness and process allowed them to progress technically in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Through her work, the students gained a deeper understanding on how to increase their alignment, flexibility and overall strength safely."

Jen Bradford, 

Founder / Executive Director of Northern California Dance Conservatory

"I'm grateful for finding Kine Oasis and Bo's tumbling and groundwork class. I've now attended three classes and looking forward to more.

The movements I've learned are especially valuable for an older athlete that wants to stay active and injury free."

Trevor Koss, Madison WI 

Adult Tumbling & Groundwork

"The positive impact that Bo has had with our students takes your breath away. Some of our students have significant challenges with trust, boundaries, confidence, etc.

Bo is able to help them see things in a different way. His teachings provide life-long tools that students can draw from as they face obstacles. Bo truly is a gift in our community!"

Debbie Caperton,

SOS Learning Lab, LLC

"Returning to ballet after a 15 year break, I was very glad to find Catrina’s class. Challenging while also supportive, she’s been understanding and has offered great insight on accommodating an aging dancer’s body."

Karl Broman,

Ballet Student, Madison, WI

"I really appreciate the Ballet classes Catrina teaches. She is great at curating combinations that meet me where I am at and challenge me to grow!"

Annika K,

Ballet Student, Madison, WI

"Bo has had a great impact on the students at the Northern Michigan Partnership. I highly recommend him.

He draws respect from his students and captivates their interest while at the same time maintaining high expectations."

Chris Davis,

TCAPS (Traverse City Area Public Schools)

"Catrina's Awareness Through Movement classes offer pathways to increased body knowledge and a harmonious and peaceful mind-body connection."

Cynthia Drayer,

Former School Director, The School of Sacramento Ballet

"I am loving this adult ballet class, which is accessible to a variety of levels. I have taken a number of ballet classes before as an adult beginner but never found one that allowed me to build progressively on skills in a sustainable way.

This class feels like the appropriate level of challenge, and Catrina has a great understanding of limitations that bodies may face when learning ballet as adults!"

Sarah-Louise Raillard,

Adult Ballet Student, Madison WI

"My 11-year-old daughter recently started a martial arts class on Mondays at 4pm at the Madison Circus Space (Winnebago St), and she LOVES it.

The instructor's philosophy blends with our homeschool philosophy beautifully, inviting playfulness and curiosity. It's part martial arts, part movement exploration/dance/, part mindfulness, part playful sparring, part intense physical workout. "

Maggie F,

Parent, Madison WI

"Ballet is such a beautiful art but so very challenging for adult beginner students like myself.

Catrina helps us by breaking down the steps into manageable pieces, and all within the safety zone of our physical abilities. We are learning and having lots of fun at the same time.

The meditative quality in in the music and the movements is amazing. I look forward to Catrina’s classes.”

Chifan C.B.

Adult Ballet Student

"I've been in classes now for a few months, and the progress I've achieved has been impressive.

Great teaching and a fun atmosphere, can't really beat that.”

Dakota C.

Adult Tumbling Student, Madison WI

"My son took a short course with Bo and didn't want it to end. This was his first introduction to body mind awareness, which I think is a vital skill in this day of over-stimulation.

Although my son hasn't quite mastered the meditation portion, I appreciate the applicable skills Bo taught as well as the blast the kids had rolling and jumping!"



"Catrina Choate's calm, soothing voice carries within it a quiet strength that asks questions and gently encourages the listening dancer to tune in, slow down, and listen to the wisdom of one's own body.

The Feldenkrais lessons offered by Catrina are well chosen and present the participant with the opportunity to go even deeper into the realm of the senses in order to experience the fascinating process of what to means to learn, to play, to fail, and to begin again, in the delightful dance of becoming one's best partner and ultimately, one's own teacher."

Alice Brydges,

Founding member of Alonzo King's Lines Ballet San Francisco

Feldenkrais Practitioner / Tai Chi Instructor

"I can't say enough about how passionate Bo is about his trade and how talented he is in sharing his skills with others. He is very hard working, dedicated, and reliable.

It has been a pleasure working with him and seeing the amazing growth in each of the children he has trained."

Rose Marie Zivkovich,

Director, Northern Michigan Partnership/TCAPS

"Catrina brings professionalism, somatic awareness and individual attention to each of us enrolled in her Adult Ballet Classes.

Her concentration and sharing of the importance of muscle awareness is much appreciated in dealing with the various levels of training and experience in our class.

By calmly and patiently instructing and correcting us we learn to apply and benefit from her expertise and attention.”

Dale E. Turner,

Senior Adult Ballet Student

"It was a pleasure to have our child attend Grasshoppers martial Art class. The teacher, Bo, has a unique way of training the students by making them understand the technique and encouraging movements that are in-sync with mind-body-brain system. This is a holistic way for teaching anything.

As a teacher, Bo demonstrates high skills, in-depth knowledge of his subjects, yet, maintaining a playful atmosphere and friendly approach! We wish Grasshoppers club the best!"

Kuldeepa VM,

Mom & Ascending Aesthetic Founder

"I have been training with Bo for a couple of years. He is one of the best instructors I have trained with. He has a deep knowledge of Aikido and his techniques are effective. He is able to demonstrate and teach fundamentals of Aikido in clear and understandable terms, to students of all levels. My understanding of Aikido has significantly improved under his tutelage.

I have also assisted Bo with some of his kids classes. He has that unique talent of being able to engage kids and work with them on their level. Keeping 8-10 year olds focused for a two hour Aikido class is not something for the timid to attempt, and Bo is good at it."

Dan Kaiser,

Northwest Michigan Aikido Club


Beginning SUMMER 2024, KineOasis Studio will begin offering extended Classes and Programs for all ages, Summer Sessions for Youth, and Workshops for Parenting. Current classes include Martial Arts Explorations, Ballet for Seniors and Adults, and Awareness Through Movement. Ongoing Private Lessons are always available by appointment.

The Feldenkrais Method for Children

A Movement Intervention Program for infants or children with motor disorders or developmental difficulties. Private Sessions are available by Appointment.

For the child facing developmental challenges it’s important to receive help so that the learning of skills can continue to grow. Many pediatric therapies include facilitation techniques, stretching, positioning, and mobilization exercises.

The Feldenkrais Method Movement Intervention Program is different. The practitioner interacts with the child quietly without force and in a manner that encourages natural exploration along with guiding the child into better movement patterns. The overall engagement promotes a healthy sense of curiosity and development.

The Feldenkrais Method uses a developmental learning model and works to bring a child from one stage of functioning to the next appropriate level by assisting the child to feel more clearly their body in motion and at rest. Through physical guidance, the child’s attention will be directed to their structure and movement which is crucial for the development of a new function.  

The process of each lesson improves the child’s quality of movement as well as the possibility for coordination, mobility, and balance which therefore propels improvement in confidence and self-esteem.

When a child’s movement feels easier and more comfortable this provides the platform for investigation and discovery of new motor pathways.

This ability to experience different pathways and more than one way of doing something is one of the great keys of why The Feldenkrais Method works. 


The practitioner gently guides the child into an experience of movement options which in turn helps the child to feel, sense, and learn that they don’t need to be locked into one way of doing something. However, because the work doesn’t use force, the choices feel organic to the child so learning and integration occurs. 

The power of choice can make all the difference.

When to start Feldenkrais lessons?

It’s best to start early for a child who is experiencing development difficulties or delays but older children will also benefit from the work. It’s common to have older children be considered too old for improvement by traditional medical standards but this is not the case with the Feldenkrais Method.

With patience and consistency, better overall functioning is possible. When you improve the quality of movement, you also improve the quality of life.

➤ Catrina's Personal Note to Parents

Dear Parents,

As a child I stuttered and through the struggle of stuttering was born the understanding of what it means to be stuck in dysfunction. In my early twenties I began taking Feldenkrais lessons and quickly experienced an immense sense of relief.

New moving and thinking pathways opened up and I organically took to all of the possibilities presented. Needless to say, I changed drastically. I learned how to maneuver my physical anxiety which was layered strongly into my foundation from years of stuttering and my self awareness grew while exploring my range of kinesthetic options through each Feldenkrais lesson. I grew into verbal fluency as well as something I call physical fluency. 

Today, it gives me great pleasure to work with children who may be stuck in their own level of functioning. I quietly meet the child where they are at, slowly introduce new motor pathways, awaken a range of possibilities, and lightly guide them into a greater range of physical fluency. 

It’s my belief that kinesthetic awareness grows into self awareness and no matter how long it takes, should never be underestimated! With patience, every child has the possibility to improve and learn how to enjoy their experience of self exploration. 


Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

MFA Dance

B.A. English Literature

➤ How to Begin: Start Here

Commitment for each cycle of lessons is necessary for the growth and development of the child’s progress. 

  1. Fill out the intake form below.
  2. Catrina will contact you for a first consultation.
  3. Program options:

a). Ongoing - 5 week

cycle: 1-2 lessons per


b). Intensive Series - 3-4

lessons per week for

agreed upon time.


Each 1 hour lesson is $100. There is financial aid available so please email us to inquire! At KineOasis, we stand firm in our belief that money should not get in the way of a child’s learning and well-being.

  • ➤ About Catrina Choate-Heretoiu
  • ➤ Our Mission
  • ➤ Feldenkrais Origins
➤ About Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu graduated from the Sonoma II Training Program of The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education with trainers Russell and Linda Delman. She has over 1,000 hours of recorded training and has maintained a private practice since graduating in 2007 but has been active with the method since 1996 when she started lessons after foot surgery. The method not only helped her to recover from surgery, it also provided an immense learning environment for her to grow into and continue to nurture throughout her life by sharing the physical tools for learning that the somatic method so readily offers. 

➤ Our Mission

KineOasis helps children to connect and grow through kinesthetic exploration. Catrina Choate-Heretoiu specifically brings her 28 years of experience with The Feldenkrais Method to help children with motor disorders and developmental difficulties. It is our mission to reach as many children as possible and help them with this unique neuromuscular method of learning. 

➤ Feldenkrais Origins

The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). He earned his D.Sc. in Physics at the Sorbonne in Paris and while formulating his own learning method he combined his knowledge from physics, bio-mechanics, human behavior and development, and martial arts to develop a highly effective physical application that connects human function and learning. 

Join us to explore, learn, and transform.

KineOasis is an exploratory and creative merger of husband and wife team Catrina Choate-Heretoiu and Bogdan Heretoiu - movement educators dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement.

From Ballet to Somatic work and Exploratory Martial Arts, we offer a select range of movement modalities to enrich everyone's experience of Movement. Our approach is highly detailed yet nurturing and accommodating to everyone's skill and age - from younger kids to adults of all ages.

Please expect a Conservatory level of training and etiquette.

Less Marketing More MENTORSHIP >

We LOVE to provide and nurture a GREAT Learning Environment. If you have a curious mind and wish to train hard and enhance your life through movement, then we will welcome you with open arms and decades of combined accumulated know-how ready to be passed onto you!

Our Work

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➢ Classes:
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
KineOasis - a creative platform dedicated to the exploration of Human Expression through Movement. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Explore and experience Soma Ballet, Feldenkrais, and Exploratory Martial Arts.
     ➢  Brief Introduction

After years of traveling and moving, we have officially become "Wisconsonites" and our classes are now Open for Enrollment in Madison, WI. Depending on the Program, we offer classes for Kids, Youth, Adult or Senior classes.

Here is what to look forward to - explore and join us for a truly unique experience: Adult SomaBallet with Catrina, exploratory Martial Arts at The Grasshoppers Club with Bo (Youth & Family Practice), Private Feldenkrais® sessions with Catrina, and more to come.

We welcome you to a mindset of holding and moving through your own sacred, safe space. A space of connection, relief, exploration, and respite from the daily noise.

Join us anytime to explore how Movement can be used to improve quality of life, assist in personal transformation, and offer a powerful portal into a personal space of joyful empowerment.

SomaBallet & Ballet Joy

Catrina brings a lifetime of professional experience and love for Ballet, a nurturing passion for teaching, and a modern approach to Ballet as a way of life.

Madison Grasshoppers Club

Bo is a former I-Power Gymnastics NINJA Program Director and brings 40+ years of Martial Arts practice and teaching experience to create an outstanding physical, mental, and emotional fitness program.

     ➢  SomaStudies

At Soma Studies, we work with skeletal alignment to allow for a balanced use of muscle effort to take place.

However, we also investigate the articulation and interaction of thinking, feeling, sensing, and moving.

We observe the intricacies between motivation, intention, and action while we listen to our own reactions and natural responses to the world around us.

If we understand what we do and how we do it, then and only then, can we achieve the desired outcome. With curiosity and exploration, the details of movement and body will unfold into a beautiful flow of Physical Fluency.

"Catrina's Awareness Through Movement classes offer pathways to increased body knowledge and a harmonious and peaceful mind-body connection."


Former School Director, The School of Sacramento Ballet

     ➢  The Grasshoppers Club

The Grasshoppers Method is the result of Bogdan's personal journey through life and through Martial Arts studies including encounters with countless fellow practitioners, students, and instructors over 40+ years of "hitting the mats".

"The Grasshopper Method emerged as a combination of all the knowledge passed onto me or as a result of my passionate exploration of movement principles applied within the context of my real day to day life. It is - as the saying goes - my way of life and living, and at its core an exploratory approach to learning and development."

Please join us on a journey of curiosity and exploration of Martial Arts. We offer a Family-friendly exploratory Martial Arts Program for all ages and all skills and a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY away from marketing, ads, and all that digital pollution.

     ➢  Articles
A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body : The TLC of Being Human

Online Clinic with Catrina or Bo

Group and Private Sessions Available

Whether in Ballet, Feldenkrais, or Martial Arts, during our online clinic sessions we focus on fine-tuning individual skills through nurturing each student's journey of learning and personal growth.

Sessions consist of essential feedback and analysis, strategy for further improvement, and overall support.

KineOasis Outreach Program

(Year Round)

We are happy to announce that our Outreach Programs can be included as an In-House activity at any Organization / Institution wanting to bring Movement Explorations to their community members.

Whether your organization is a School, Church, Community Center, or a Company, your community can enjoy our programs in the familiar space of your location.

Please join us for an afternoon of movement inquiry and exploration. The workshop is donation-based and all proceeds will benefit MCS.

WHERE: Madison Circus Studio (MCS). 2082 Winnebago St, Madison, WI 53704

WHEN: Tuesday, OCT 18th from 5PM to 6:20PM

Upcoming Events:

Movement As Sanctuary (In-Person):

Catrina & Bo will welcome everyone to an EXPLORATORY MOVEMENT workshop offered on Tuesday, October 18th from 5PM to 6:20PM.

  • For this workshop Catrina will discuss and take questions about somatic applications of the Feldenkrais Method in Arts, Sports, and Health. Catrina will offer an introductory Awareness Through Movement lesson on increasing mobility and stability with a lesson that will help to unwind your spine.  
  • Bogdan will discuss and explore hands-on ways to incorporate movement as a tool for change. After 40+ years of practice and teaching, he designed the Grasshoppers methodology to fit a modern, contemporary reality, to support and enhance the development of his own children, and to fully complement all Students’ daily lives - including other sports they might be passionate and involved with. 

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We offer a variety of flexible memberships, passes, and financial assistance when needed.

Our UNLIMITED Membership includes ALL classes and ALL Family Members (Kids, Parents, and Grandparents)

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